Vesuvius Furnace  

A two wheeled cart was used for putting Burden in Vesuvius Furnace.

An ingot of iron is there and several other items of interest. The ingot is silvery and not oxidized. This shows why the iron was known as "silver pigs".

The stack is partially destroyed by time. It is now being preserved with a roof over the top. The retaining wall is in very good condition.

Iron Master's home at Vesuvius Furnace - now recreation office site.

Close up of Iron Master's home at Vesuvius Furnace.

This old drawing shows the front view of Vesuvius Furnace.

Older photo of Vesuvius Furnace stack.

Old photo showing the side view of Vesuvius Furnace in operation.

Bar of sow iron at Vesuvius Furnace.


Year Built 1833
Went into Blast 1834
Blew out 1906
Built By J. Hurd
Daily Tonnage 10
Location County Road 22 off Route 93 in Elizabeth Township in the Vesuvius recreation area.
Remains The cemetery is still being used.

Some slag can easily be found along the creek bank close by.

A piece of the sow is preserved for all to observe.

Now Owned by the U S Forestry Service.

Copyright 2006 by Amos Hawkins