Pine Grove Furnace  

B&W photo of Pine Grove Furnace Built in 1828

Cap Stone placed at top of tap hole arch when the furnace was rebuilt by D. E. Ritter for Robert Hamilton in 1844. It is currently located at the country club by a summer cottage.

Pine Grove School is now being used by Freewill Baptist Church. The middle section of the church was the school. It should be noted here that the Catholic Church used the third floor of the company store as a Catholic School until such time as they could build a school house.

Photo of actual ledger of Pine Grove Company Store for year of 1831. Ledger owned by Mrs. James Richendollar, Hecla, OH.

Close up of actual ledger used at Pine Grove furnace in 1835.

The Pine Grove Company Store is still operating. The wooden section where feed and flour were made is gone.

Iron pot from Pine Grove. Two iron pots were cast at Pine Grove Furnace and were used for washing sulfur off the underside of mules working in mines pulling railroad cars. A part of the railroad leading to New Castle went through an old mine shaft. This railroad was the way the iron produced at Pine Grove was taken to the Ohio River at Union Landing. Mules pulled the cars loaded with iron as oxen would not go underground. The iron was off loaded at New Castle and put on the coal train for the river. All this later became the Hanging Rock Railroad. These pots are owned by an individual in Pine Grove.

The original well that supplied water for the Iron Master's home and company store still exists. It now has an iron plate over it and is located next to the road.

The mansion of Robert Hamilton (who was the Iron Master and owner of Pine Grove Furnace) which was located in Hanging Rock . The mansion has since been torn down.

One original two story log cabin that is still being lived in. It was built in 1828. It now has siding on it and rooms have been added. It is located behind the company store and across the road from the furnace site.

Chunk of iron made at Pine Grove Furnace.

Retaining wall at Pine Grove furnace.

Front steps to the iron master's mansion for the pine grove furnace.


Year Built 1828
Blew Out May 10, 1895
Built By Robert Hamilton and Andrew Ellison
Daily Tonnage Originally 4, but increased to 16 after rebuilding in 1844.
Location East central part of section 30, Elizabeth Township at the convergence of Route 650 and County Road 26 in section 30.
Remains The stack has been removed but the retaining wall is still partially there.

The cemetery is still being used.

Church House is still there but in disrepair. It is painted well on the outside. It has recently been torn down.

A block of Iron from the furnace that is currently owned by an individual in Pine Grove. It is silver in color with little oxidation visible.

The log constructed blacksmith shop that was used at Pine Grove Furnace. This has now been moved to Wheelersburg.

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