Olive Furnace  


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Fire brick lining of Olive Furnace. This furnace has its crucible carved out of the natural rock.

Olive Furnace stack with Roman arch. The path for loading the burden had to pass over an opening between the stock yard and the furnace, so a roman arch was built across that opening.

Olive Furnace Church is still being used.

Iron Master's home at Olive Furnace.

A hillside view of the Olive Furnace operation, which was founded by John Campbell and John Peters. The furnace was located north of Vernon.


Year Built 1846
In Blast 1847
Blew Out 1910
Torn Down for Scrap Iron 1915
Built By John Peters,sr, John Campbell,
Madison Cole, William Clements and J.L.Thompson
Daily Tonnage 16
Location 20 miles north of Ironton, Ohio: Section 34 of
Washington Township on Ohio State Route #93.
Remains The cemetery is still being used.

Now Owned by The Mt Olive Furnace Park Corporation.

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