Etna Furnace  

Etna Furnace stack still remains, but is partially destroyed.

Etna Furnace School House is now used by the Etna Baptist Mission. A brick veneer has been added to the front as well as a wing. The old school is the part on the right as you look at it from route 93.

Etna Furnace Church House is still being used.


Year Built 1832
Blew Out 1887
Built By James Rodgers
John Sparks
Valentine Fear
Daily Tonnage 16
Location Off route 93 about 1/2 mile on the left of County Road 4 in Elizabeth Township, section 22.
Remains Cemetery is still being used.

Now Owned by the US Forestry service.

Stack is now almost completely gone.

Copyright 2006 by Amos Hawkins