Charcoal Iron Furnaces of
Lawrence County, Ohio

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Union Furnace
Pine Grove Furnace
Etna Furnace
Buckhorn Furnace
Hecla Furnace
Mt. Vernon Furnace
Vesuvius Furnace
Lawrence Furnace
Center Furnace
LaGrange Furnace
Olive Furnace
Washington Furnace
Oak Ridge Furnace

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Mt. Olive Iron Furnace Restoration


The Mt. Olive Furnace Park Corporation is planning to proceed with the restoration of the buildings surrounding the old stack and arch. The first building to be restored will be the Charging House which sits on top of the furnace and arch. Click here for more information on making a donation.

Special Topics on Mt. Olive Furnace and its restoration:

History of Mt. Olive Furnace

How Mt. Olive Furnace Worked

Olive Furnace - Main Page

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The building of Charcoal Iron Furnaces in Lawrence County began with the building of Union Furnace in Elizabeth Township and ended with the building of the Oak Ridge Furnace in Aid Township. These furnaces continued in operation until around the beginning of the 20th century.

Old photo of Ironton.

Lawrence County Facts and Firsts

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